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7 Ways CMMS Can Transform Your Business

By Contributing Author | 03/15/2017 | 2:03 PM

By Lindsey Walker, NEXGEN Asset Management

Warehouse management is a critical part of every business. You had to manually carry out various tasks in the past, but now, you can implement computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) in the facility. With CMMS, you can automate most warehouse management tasks, simplify a complex supply chain structure, and save time and effort. Let us look at 7 ways CMMS can benefit your business.

1. Accountability Increases

With an asset management software, you can report, order spare parts and schedule preventive maintenance in an automated and a streamlined manner. You can find all the detailed records of who conducted the last repair work and all the relevant information regarding the same. You can save time, increase the validity of the reporting methods and achieve increased accountability.

2. Efficiency Increases

The integration of IoT and CMMS frees up people and takes over numerous individual jobs that were reliant on manual effort. Due to this, the standard for reliability and efficiency increases and data can be reported more accurately.

3. Ability to Integrate Technology

You can integrate technology and various mobile apps that allow your business to have a competitive edge in the market. You can utilize technology in a number of ways to enhance your  brand image too.

4. Mobility Increases

The mobile technology allows you to remotely control the processes and program the software from any location in the world. You can remotely check-in and inspect your processes and equipment. Moreover, you can receive, manage and complete work orders, regardless of where you are located, with just a click of the button. You can also access the Manufacturer Recommended Procedures and critical repair information while repairing any equipment remotely.

5. Equipment Life Increases

CMMS software ensures that you conduct timely maintenance schedule and execute work orders on time. You can make sure that the vital infrastructure is always working at its peak efficiency for a long time. It helps in preventing overlapping of preventive maintenance schedules and facilitates smooth functioning of equipment. All this results in extending the service life of vital equipment and assets.

6. Downtime is Reduced

Since the integration of IoT and CMMS allows you to stay on top of maintenance schedules, you will have fewer unplanned downtimes and unexpected service outages. CMMS will collect all the information pertaining to repair and replacements by tracking the historical maintenance trends of your equipment, empowering you to plan for predictive maintenance and schedule periodic inspections.

7. Improved Inventory Control

A maintenance management software will give you an end-to-end view of your inventory levels, shipping costs, purchase and work orders, replacements, on-hand counts and storeroom capabilities, all in real time, offering improved inventory control. The asset planning software can automatically generate the purchase requests by keeping a constant track of the minimum and maximum levels of stock. It also gives an instant access to relevant information that can help you improve the response times, accelerate work order completion and reduce downtimes.

Implementing CMMS brings more to the table than you could ever imagine. Incorporate it in your facility and it won’t be long before you reap the myriad benefits. 

Lindsey Walker

Lindsey Walker is the marketing manager for NEXGEN Asset Management. She excels at business development, project management and asset management. Her passion for writing allows her to share her knowledge on asset management, mobile geographic information systems (GIS), mobile CMMS, software implementation, training curriculum development and similar topics.

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