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Conversion rates matter. Here's how one 3PL got to 14% conversion rate.

By Kate Lee | 11/17/2014 | 9:06 PM

What is your lead to customer conversion rate?  (If you don’t know this, this is something you want to learn and track.)  3PL Cerasis boasts an impressive 14% conversion rate.

In 2012 Cerasis moved from their traditional approach to marketing to one focused on inbound marketing.  In doing so, Cerasis made the company website and blog the hub of their efforts.  Meaning that Cerasis used content, SEO, and social media to drive targeted traffic to the company website and blog.  Because the content on the website and blog provides valuable, engaging, and industry-specific information, brand awareness increased and the company began to be recognized as a leader within the industry.

Cerasis case study

Within 25 months of launching their inbound marketing strategy, Cerasis had gained 715 leads.  98 of these leads became customers.  For some industries 98 new customers is a drop in the bucket, within the 3PL industry one new customer can generate significant revenue.  For Cerasis, 98 new customers meant a 14% increase in revenue.

To learn more about Cerasis’ approach to inbound marketing and for more results, download the case study: 3PL company Cerasis acquires 98 customers through inbound marketing.

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Kate Lee

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