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How to improve tradeshow ROI

By Kate Lee | 04/06/2015 | 10:27 PM

Tradeshow ROI

Trade shows produce buzz and generate momentum.  However, this energy tends to be short lived.  To maximize your trade show ROI you need to proactive, you need to follow-up with prospects, and you need to nurture these leads.  And you need to do this fast: 50% of sales go to the first salesperson to contact the prospect.

Here are four things you can do to leverage the post-trade show energy and convert leads to customers:

1.       Connect and engage with prospects via social media

To convert leads to customers you need to be proactive.  Entering leads into a database, or placing the stack of business cards you were handed in the top drawer of your desk is not proactive.  Proactive is connecting with prospects via social media.  Follow prospects on Twitter and LinkedIn.  And then engage.  Create a dialogue with your prospect via social media.

2.       Create content

Tradeshows provide great fodder for content.  Think about the questions that you were asked during the trade show, and the challenges prospects identified.  Use this information to create a list of topics which can be addressed via blog posts, white papers, and eBooks. 

Similarly, create a list of industry trends that were identified at the tradeshow.  How does your company and/or your products/services fit in?  Create content around this.

3.       Create a lead nurturing campaign

Companies that nurture leads have a 47% higher profit margin than companies who don’t.  Create a lead nurturing campaign that is targeted at your tradeshow prospects.  These campaigns should be relevant, informative, and should provide value to prospects.  They should also capture the tradeshow buzz and move prospects down your sales funnel.

Content such as blog posts (see #2) can play well into lead nurturing campaigns.  Another idea is to offer a webinar.

4.       Call

Give your prospects a call.  Make the call conversational.  Speak to the issues that your prospect identified at the tradeshow, offer value to the prospect.

Going to tradeshows is a significant investment.  If you want to maximize your tradeshow ROI and convert leads to prospects you need to be proactive and you need to be timely.  

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Kate Lee

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