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Welcome to My Charmin Soft World

By Art van Bodegraven | 04/26/2012 | 6:36 AM

I am beginning to feel slightly vindicated, a dangerous state of mind. Over the past couple of years, I've tried to quety promote the value and power of high-trust, high-collaboration business relationships - the so-called soft side of the supply chain.

Comes now DC Velocity, with an aboslutely on-point interview with Tracy Maylett and Peter Bradley's column hitting on exactly the same issues. As Bob Barker always said on The Price Is Right, "Come on down!"

The notion may be taking hold. There is a growing body of anecdotal evidence, and practitioner testimonials. There are plenty of consultant testimonials,as well, but those might be viewed with some level of cynicism. There is also research evidence that supports the core business outcomes of profitability and revenue growth as direct results of higher levels of collaboration among supply chain partners.

So, welcome to my world. There's fun to be had and money to be made in making a business difference with successful new paradigms on soft issues.

A word of caution, though. This soft stuff ain't easy to do; in fact, it is hard - perhaps harder than the hard stuff. It's not just about attitude, outlooks, and good intentions. There is rigorous technique in building the soft side to get hard results, and sustain them over time.

But, the effort, and the journey, are more than worth the price of admission. And, there are no unsightly bits of soft paper cluttering up the landscape and sticking where they shouldn't.


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