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Agents 86 And 99 Strike Back At KAOS And Get Smart

By Art van Bodegraven | 01/05/2018 | 11:38 AM

Please enjoy the thoughts and musings of our friend, supporter, and long-time contributor Art van Bodegraven Jr., who passed away on June 18, 2017. Art was a prolific writer and had amassed a collection of unpublished blog posts he had planned to run well into the future. To honor his memory, we will continue to post these remaining blogs as he had intended. If you’ve been a fan of The Art of Art blog, check out our tribute.


Unlikely as it seems, Don Adams and Barabara Feldon (Agents 86 & 99) are taking their revenge, foiling the best efforts by K.A.O.S. to trip them up.  The secret lies in (pun intended) getting smart in the procurement sector.

Many, even most, organizations struggle with procurement.  It's no big problem to make tactical purchases, which can save an easy 2 or 3 % of total spend.  Getting at the hard part, realizing the 8-12% that is found in world-class operations is tougher.

A multi-talented procurement team can provide great insight, business intelligence, and leverage. But, in a siloed organization, bits and pieces of savings are seldom bundled, and overcoming organizational dysfunction takes time, basic intelligence, and powers of persuasion.

The real secret is in the creation of collaborative partnerships, in which responsibility for target accomplishment is shared among business units.  The intelligence that emerges is powerful, especially when it identifies sub-par procurement.

It's also uswful in making sure that claimed savings really happen - and stick.  It's that bits and pieces thing again, in which aggregate results never show up in the financials.

At day's end, the game is about, not savings, but about investment.  Here's a seqeunce to contemplate: Buy well; buy better; spend wisely; spend for tomorrow; spend - and collaborate - to cement supplier relationships.

More: Get a handle on demand; design to cost or to functionality; reduce systems and process costs; spend the savings.  It's a cost well worth the expense.

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Art van Bodegraven

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