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Global Survey Results – Recognition, Frustration & Action

By Richard Sharpe | 10/23/2018 | 9:52 AM | Categories: Web/Tech

The results are in.  At this year’s CSCMP Global Conference in Nashville, the Team of professionals that conduct, analyze and report on the Annual Analytics & Big Data Benchmark Study (Lisa Harrington - lharrington group LLC, Susan Lacefield - Supply Chain Quarterly, Dale Rogers - Arizona State University, Zac Rogers - Colorado State University and myself) presented the findings of this year’s survey (a copy of the presentation can be made available - see below).  The results clearly indicated that companies continue to recognize the need to gain business value from Big Data Analytics but that there is a significant amount of frustration across industries. 

Challenges with data, struggling with meaningful analytics and ultimately getting to actionable strategies were clear drivers for this frustration.  As an example, look at the attached graphic on data:

image from www.ci-advantage.com
The good news is that companies are gaining a deeper appreciation for the business value that can be derived from Big Data Analytics and are being more objective with regard to the effort that is needed to achieve that value.  So what are some key steps to cross that gap faster?  Four primary areas and specific actionable steps were cited to drive success as depicted in the following graphic:

image from www.ci-advantage.com
So the race is on.  Companies get the fact that in the fast paced environment that we all operate in today, it is critical to make fact based decisions using the all of the transactional data that is available through a set of business user analytics. Decisions that drive competitive and profitable performance. 

For a copy of the presentation, please contact us at [email protected] 

Thank you,

Richard Sharpe



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Richard Sharpe

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