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Education - after college!!

By Joe Andraski | 12/14/2014 | 8:46 AM

It’s the responsibility of each and every executive, of every company, to continue the education of members of their team(s). We can agree that those who graduate with degrees from well recognized universities that focus on Logistics and Supply Chain Management have a firm grounding in those disciplines.  However, it’s characteristic that the focus of each university is largely due to the makeup of the faculty, how much they have published, etc.

Let’s agree that each individual who enters the business world, needs to have continuing education in the business practices and systems employed by a company. It’s the responsibility of the executive, who needs to fill that leadership role. Companies cannot achieve the level of proficiency that will meet goals, e.g. customer services, sales, balance sheet, P&L and market share. There’s other areas that can be added, but I think we’ve made the point.

 For example, a SCM organization that operates with a corporate, divisional offices and perhaps regional offices. Is ripe for additional education. The divisional executive has the responsibility of making education one of their objectives, establishing the subjects that would be included and how the program would be delivered

There are a host of individuals who can fill the role of subject matter expert.  Service providers are in fact subject matter experts and should be part of the program. The Sales department of the company absolutely needs to be included in the program. They need to explain to the sales strategy  and how the SCM team is critically important to success.  This is a very important subject that needs to be embraced by all.  Next, and not a suggestion as to what the priority list should be, tee up the company technology support. Regardless of how proficient the new associate is in the use of a PC, etc., learning the company software is critical to success of the division and its ability to meet the company goals. By the same token the ability of sales and marketing may be put in jeopardy if the SCM organization fails to provide the mission critical support.

“In academia, flipped learning turns the traditional classroom-teaching model on its head, delivering lessons online, outside of class, and moving homework into the classroom via individual tutoring or activities. Coach Meyer of Ohio State, used the “flipped coaching” technique has helped take OSU to the brink of a Big 10 title.  There’s more that can be found in the WSJ, Taking the Buckeyes to School” in the Dec. 6-7 edition.”

If Coach Meyer could lead his team to the record they hold today, and now down to a 3rd string QB, we can easily see how companies can use this approach in their internal education program. Taking associates to plants, distribution centers, sales offices and “customers” would pay great dividends if applied appropriately.  Correlated with the visits would be the follow up class room sessions at home. Regardless where you are in the mgt. ranks, embrace education! More to come. 



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About Joseph C. Andraski

Joe Andraski

Joe Andraski is the Founder of the Collaborative Energizer LLC, a supply chain consulting firm specializing in collaborative business practices, change management, RFID and building effective and efficient organizations.

Andraski has served as the president and CEO of VICS (Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions); senior vice president of technology company OMI. He also held several executive positions with Nabisco prior to its 1990 merger with R.J. Reynolds. For 20 years, he has been an affiliate professor at Penn State's Center of Supply Chain Research.

Andraski is considered one of the retail industry thought leaders, and his work has been recognized by a number of universities. He has received the VICS Milliken Achievement Award and the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals Distinguished Service Award. Andraski recently received a distinguished service award from RFID Journal, and a "Rainmaker" award from DC Velocity.

Andraski and his wife Regina reside in Philadelphia. They have three children and seven grandchildren.


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