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Earth day inspires green logistics for trucks, trains, and forklifts

By Ben Ames | May 08, 2019 | 1:36 PM | Categories: Green Logistics

Skeptics may say the vision of a sustainable supply chain is a contradiction in terms, thanks to the emissions spewed by 18-wheeler trucks, cargo jets, containerships, forklifts, and parcel delivery vans as they whisk freight around the globe. The challenge may be tough, but a growing number of logistics service providers are convinced there are business benefits to going green.

Just Monday, supply chain specialist APL Logistics Ltd. announced it is bolstering its sustainability practice by hiring an Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Climate Corps fellow to create a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Calculator. According to the Singapore-based 3PL, which has its U.S. headquarters in Scottsdale, Ariz., the calculator will allow customers to model greenhouse gas reduction scenarios.

Ordinarily, the move wouldn’t mean much on its own. But this year, it came shortly after the annual flurry of press releases that hits reporters’ email boxes every April 22, touting sustainable supply chain announcements for Earth Day. This year’s theme was all about cutting emissions:

By slashing emissions in nearly every corner of the supply chain, operators could team up to make a collective dent in the clouds of greenhouse gasses that contribute to climate change, while continuing to turn a profit and still deliver their loads on time.

20190508omnitrax1 20190508omnitrax2
OmniTRAX's environmentally friendly locomotive
20190508mack 20190508toyota_kenworth
Mack's fully electric garbage truck Fuel-cell electric heavy-duty truck from Toyota and Kenworth
20190508kalmar1 20190508kalmar2
Kalmar's electric Empty Container Handler
20190508dot 20190508savemart
Dot Foods' Orange EV electric yard truck Save Mart trucks will run on renewable diesel



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