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Does Driver Shortage Spell Disaster for Distribution?

By Chris Kane | 10/26/2010 | 1:42 PM
CNBC recently ran a segment regarding the potential driver shortage in our industry. While the industry representative was polished and well-versed on the subject, the interviewer seemed genuinely surprised that this potential shortage even existed. It struck me that the interviewer probably represented most of the general public. Like most of us who live and breathe this business, I realized that I’ve been looking at the world through my own logistics-colored glasses. Where I see manufacturers, truck routes and delivery schedules, most people only see the shampoo, snack item or pet food at their local store—or notice when it’s missing. In that moment, I saw things a little differently.

Maybe now is the time our industry had one of those moments. We certainly have a significant set of challenges to face: a potential shortage of drivers, new government regulations, environmental concerns and a slow recovery from the recession, just to name a few. How we face those challenges will help shape the future of our industry.

Will we return to the traditional methods of our past? Or will we take this moment to look ahead and rethink those methods, making them more efficient, more environmentally friendly and more beneficial?
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Chris Kane

Christopher J. Kane is Chief Customer Strategy Officer for Kane is Able, Inc., a family owned third party logistics provider in Scranton, Pa. that specializes in the consumer packaged goods sector. Kane has spent 32 years at the company, rising from driver to overseeing all marketing strategy and execution for Kane Companies.


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