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So you think nobody's hiring during peak huh?

By Brett Schurman | 11/02/2018 | 7:48 AM

“I’ll wait till after peak to begin my job search; nobody is hiring right now anyway.” This phrase has been uttered or thought by countless candidates approaching peak season in logistics, distribution, fulfillment and the greater supply-chain.

I am here to tell you this statement can be true for some companies, but, not in most cases. Companies always need to be on the lookout for good talent! Further, if a company is interviewing during peak, they are in serious need of your service. That, or they have peak season on cruise control; but show me that company and I will show you my pet unicorn!

It is a common misunderstanding that companies do not hire in November and December. The general candidate pool believes that companies are too busy to hire so they in turn put their search on hold till Q1. So why do people believe this miss-conception. Here are a few reasons I have heard:

  • Hiring authorities are so busy they don’t have time to interview.
  • Everyone is on vacation around Thanksgiving and Christmas.
  • There is no money in the budget at the end of the year.


Let’s take a closer look at these three reasons given:

  1. “Hiring Authorities are busy.” First, are hiring authorities busy? Heck yes, they are busy! But if a company is down 3 supervisors or a shift manager going into peak, or during peak, you can bet they will make time to meet you. Another angle is that people believe everyone is in peak right now. This is very far from the truth. Do you think the distribution center for Proctor and Gamble is in peak right now for that HUGE bump in diaper sales for Christmas? How about auto parts retailers and wholesalers; No one is giving auto parts as a gift! The message is not every company is peak during Q4.
  1. “Everyone is on vacation the week of Thanksgiving and leading up to Christmas.” Huh? This is peak! This is where the money is made. Most companies have “blackout” dates during November and December meaning no one gets PTO. It’s all hands-on deck. Maybe the team in sourcing can get a couple of days off, but if you are in any other part of the supply chain, you are most likely working during these months.
  1. “There is no money in the budget at this time of the year.” This is true, it can be very true, but retail is made or broken in the last three months of the year. That said, I cite the example above of the facility down three or four leaders and would tell you that company needs to fill those roles even if it moves some numbers around in the budget. Furthermore, if they are open requisitions, the positions are in the budget already.


These are just some of the comments and misconceptions I hear from candidates with whom I speak daily. My advice to those seeking a position in Q4 is to leave your foot on the gas pedal; every company is not in peak, and the ones that are and need people, are still hiring.

Until we connect again, happy hunting!

Brett Schurman
Senior Supply Chain Recruiter



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About Brett Schurman

Brett Schurman

Brett Schurman is a recruiter who focuses in the distribution, fulfillment, and greater supply chain field. Brett has long-standing relationships with some of the largest retail and wholesale companies in the United States. He focuses on placing professionals in positions ranging from Supervisor to Senior Vice President. In 2018, after 16 years of working for one of the largest recruiting firms in the world, Brett opened up Schurman Executive Recruiting (SER) to continue servicing the distribution and fulfillment market.


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