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7 Sales Leads Statistics You Can't Ignore in the Material Handling Industry

By Evan Lamolinara | 08/09/2019 | 10:34 AM | Categories: Current Affairs

The quantity and quality of sales leads your material handling company generates can make or break its success. Defined as the Salesleadscontact information of a potential buyer, a steady supply of sales leads will allow you to pitch your products or services to the right supply chain or logistics audience. Regardless of which channels you use to acquire them, you need a steady flow of fresh and high-quality sales leads to succeed. With that said, you can optimize your company's lead generation strategy by familiarizing yourself with the seven following statistics.

#1) Nurturing Sales Leads via Email Boosts Sales Lift By 20%

Statistics show that nurturing leads via email boosts sales lift by 20%. Of course, this shouldn't come as a surprise to seasoned sales reps, most of whom are familiar with the benefits of lead nurturing. When you first make contact with a lead, don't pitch your material handling company's product or service. Instead, use this opportunity to warm up the sales lead so that he or she is more likely to make a purchase in the future. Assuming you use email for this purpose, you'll reap the benefits of a 20% increase in sales lift.

#2) Less Than One-Quarter of Logistics or Supply Chain Sales Leads Are Sales-Ready

According to an infographic published by Cerasis, less than one-quarter of all supply chain or logistics sales leads are sales-ready when initially generated or acquired. For the best chance at generating sales, sales reps must nurture those leads by guiding them through their company's sales funnel. The same infographic also found that only about one-quarter of all sales leads are legitimate. Therefore, it's important to both validate and nurture your material handling company's sales leads. Otherwise, you'll struggle to secure buyers and win sales.

#3) Only 44% of B2B Companies Score Their Sales Leads

Given the huge benefits of lead scoring, you might be surprised to learn that less than half of all material handling industry companies score their sales leads. A survey conducted by DecisionTree found that 44% of B2B companies currently use a lead scoring system. In comparison, 38% said they don't use a lead scoring system, while 16% of B2B companies said they plan to use a lead scoring system in the next 12 months. If you're guilty of not scoring your material handling company's sales leads, you should consider implementing a lead scoring system so that you can gauge and prioritize your lead outreach efforts to achieve the best response from potential buyers.

#4) Six in 10 Material Handling Sales Reps Say Lead Generation Is Their Biggest Challenge

Generating high-quality sales leads isn't easy. In fact, a report published by the B2B Technology Marketing Community suggests that six in 10 B2B sales reps believe lead generation is their company's biggest challenge. If a sales rep struggles to acquire high-quality leads, he or she won't be able to efficiently and effectively generate sales or on-going sales. Leads provide sales reps with the contact information of potential buyers, which in turn promotes sales productivity.

#5) Material Handling Companies That Nurture Their Sales Leads Spend 33% Less Money on Sales Acquisition

Want to know a simple yet effective way to slash the cost of your material handling company's sales acquisition efforts? It's lead nurturing. A Forrester Research study cited by HubSpot found that B2B companies that nurture their leads spend 33% to generate sales than their counterparts that do not nurture their leads. If you put forth the effort to nurture your company's logistics and supply chain sales leads, you'll reap the benefits of a higher return on investment (ROI). This is because nurtured sales leads are more likely to convert into paying buyers than unnurtured sales leads.

#6) 16% of B2B Companies Cite Outbound Lead Generation Tactics as Most Effective

If your material handling company's lead generation strategy revolves strictly around outbound tactics, you may want to consider a different approach. A HubSpot article found that only 16% of B2B companies believe outbound lead generation tactics are most effective. Of course, outbound lead generation tactics involve communicating with potential logistics and supply chain buyers without their consent. In comparison, inbound lead generation tactics involve attracting and enticing leads to contact your  company. Common examples of outbound lead generation include content marketing, social media marketing, sharing infographics and developing a mobile app.

#7) Half of B2B Sales Reps Use Direct Mail

There's no denying the fact that email is an effective channel on which to generate high-quality sales leads for the supply chain and logistics marketplace. While the exact number is unknown, research shows nearly 4 billion people globally use email and send and receive digital messages. With the rise of email, you may assume that direct mail is no longer an effective lead generation channel. The truth, however, is that direct mail can complement your material handling company's lead generation efforts by offering a new way to find and communicate with potential buyers. In fact, statistics show half of all B2B sales reps still use direct mail to generate new sales leads.

#8) All Material Handling Sales Reps Know About Sales Lead Generation Services, But Didn’t Know that SalesLead, Inc. Specializes in the Industrial Marketplace

Most sales reps that try to sell products and services to the warehouse, distribution center and manufacturing industry didn’t realize that there’s a company out there that generates high quality sales leads specifically for their industry. That’s what SalesLeads does. These high-quality sales leads or Project Reports have already identified a project within a warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing facility, all you need to do is to identify where you fit in the process and call to get the process started.

For instance, you’ll get an alert in your email that says “X company is looking to expand their distribution center by building a new 50,000 sq ft facility in x city. The company has already received approval and is looking to break ground October with completion in January.” That certainly will tell you enough to get started. Now add the project contact names, titles, email addresses and phone numbers, you’re off the races.

To see and try a few samples for yourself, open up a complimentary account and take a look around. Once you familiarize yourself with the type of information in the system, let’s talk. You can reach me at 800-231-7876 and ask for me personally.



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