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Sales & Marketing Tactics to Implement in 2020

By Evan Lamolinara | 01/08/2020 | 5:45 AM | Categories: Current Affairs

Now that 2020 is here, use this opportunity to plan or tweak your supply chain or logistics company's sales strategy, if you haven’t done so already. Sales tactics that worked in the past may no longer work in 2020. With each new year comes new sales tactics that fuel supply chain or logistics companies' growth. By using these sales tactics in your B2B company's operations, you'll attract more new customers and generate more sales leads, thereby setting the stage for a successful new year.


Personalized Sales Messages

While material handling companies have been using personalized sales messages for years, this tactic has become increasingly popular over time. According to a 2018 study, nearly three in four B2B companies said buyers expect personalized messages. Creating personalized sales messages takes time, but it can pay off in the form of increased sales as well as increased customer satisfaction.


Omnichannel Selling

What is omnichannel selling exactly? The term "omnichannel selling" refers to a multi-pronged sales tactic in which a B2B company uses a plethora of channels to communicate with prospective buyers. With omnichannel selling, you won't use a single channel to communicate with prospective buyers; you'll use multiple channels. Rather than relying on email to communicate with a prospective buyer, for example, you may use a combination of email, social media, online chat and phone.

This is a highly effective way to continuously work with sales leads, especially from SalesLeads. When you get notified by SalesLeads that one of our high quality sales leads is ready for viewing, the first thing you can do after you read about the sales lead, is to give them a call. Because we supply the contact name and direct phone number, it’s exactly what you need to make the first contact.

Next, send an email either reiterating what you discussed, or that you left a message. Then connect with the contact on LinkedIn. Now you have a way to send a personalized online message. Finally, get something in their hands by sending a personalized message with the brochure through the mail. Now you’ve touched all their senses in every way possible giving them information the way they want to receive it.


Big Data

You can't ignore the value of Big Data in your supply chain or logistics company's sales strategy. Research shows roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created each day. Rather than turning a blind eye to this data, you should use it to optimize your material handling company's sales strategy. By tapping into the power of Big Data, you can gain insight into the habits of your company's target audience, allowing you to create a more effective sales strategy.


Online Content

If you aren't publishing content online, you are missing out on one of the easiest ways to attract new buyers. Many material handling buyers begin their journey with an online search. A buyer may search for a type of product or service, for example, at which point he or she may stumble upon your company's website. By publishing content online, you can attract these buyers and convert them into customers.


Marketing and Sales Alignment

Finally, you should consider aligning your supply chain or logistics company's marketing and sales departments in 2020. According to ZoomInfo, B2B companies that embrace marketing and sales alignment grow nearly 24% more quickly than their counterparts with segmented marketing and sales departments.

Hope we gave you a few new ideas to plan for in 2020. Happy Selling!



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