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Is Direct Mail Marketing Effective to Sell to Supply Chain or Logistics Companies?

By Evan Lamolinara | 02/07/2020 | 6:03 AM | Categories: Current Affairs

When researching ways to promote your industrial B2B company, as well as its products or services, you'll probably come across direct mail. Also known as advertising mail, it involves the use of promotional mail that's delivered to a buyer's address. With the rise of email in recent years, however, you might be wondering if direct mail is still effective or is it old news.

Narrow Targeting Options

With direct mail, you can target your B2B company's "buyer personas" to increase the chance of scoring a lead and generating a sale. While targeting options vary from lots of general service providers, you may want to consider SalesLeads as we can help you build a targeted list that reflects your best and most profitable customers.

High Response Rates

Direct mail also offers high response rates. Research shows that over 5% of direct mail recipients will respond to direct mail. To put that number into perspective, only about 0.1% of email recipients will respond to promotional email. Response rates can vary depending on countless factors, mainly your list of quality names.

High Level of Satisfaction

The terms "direct mail" and "junk mail" are often used interchangeably when referring to promotional mail. While junk is typically perceived poorly by recipients, though, direct mail is not. According to a study conducted by Epsilon, nearly six in 10 recipients of direct mail say they take the time to learn about new products and services by reading promotional mail.

Direct Mail Is Popular Among B2B Companies

Direct mail hasn't faded in favor of digital promotional methods. It's actually making a comeback. A B2B Marketing Mix Report found that direct mail is currently one of the most popular promotional methods for B2B companies, with 35% of B2B companies using it to reach their target audience.


Finally, direct mail is measurable, meaning you can easily track the performance of your direct mail campaigns. You can include specific phone numbers for recipients to call or website addresses for recipients to visit. Upon receiving your direct mail, a recipient may call the number or visit the address, allowing you to track whether he or she makes a purchase.

If starting out with a strong, targeted list, direct mail can still be an effective promotional method for B2B companies.



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