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6 Reasons to Track Your Truck Fleet

By Contributing Author | 11/08/2017 | 6:16 AM

By Sam Sims, APR,  US Fleet Tracking 

Automation is one of the defining factors of our day and age. We rely on machines in the modern day, and GPS is one of the systems we’ve come to depend upon most frequently. GPS devices have come a long way and can tell us more about a vehicle than just its location. We can learn all the information we’d want to know about a car, truck, or other vehicle with GPS systems, including where it is, where it should be, and how long it’ll take to finish a route.  


Optimize Routes

Use the GPS data from your fleet to make your routes more efficient. You’ll also be able to find areas that are troublesome and fix those problems through close analysis. Additionally, you can discover the shortest routes for your trucks by finding areas to improve fuel efficiency and work on reducing the amount of time your vehicles are idle. All this important and helpful information is only available when you have your fleet equipped with the proper GPS systems – and using this data will allow you to reduce each truck’s travel time, getting your goods from point A to point B faster, and using less fuel in the process.

Reduce Operation Expenses

GPS systems do more than just track your fleet’s location; these systems provide you with raw data on how efficiently each truck driver operates their vehicle. They monitor the engine status of each truck, tire pressure, and other necessary details. You can also keep track of the maintenance each truck needs before it turns into an issue, which can prevent a frustrating, time-consuming, expensive breakdown from happening. Overall, GPS systems can reduce downtime, which (you guessed it) will save you money.

Reduce Insurance Bills

Insurance companies like vehicles with GPS devices on them. The more protection you give your fleet, the less your insurance company is going to worry about your vehicles. You can even receive discounts on your premiums, simply by using GPS systems in your fleet.

Micromanage Your Fleet’s Resources in Real Time

You may not be able to drive every truck yourself…but you will have a wealth of data in your hands to make sure things run smoothly. You can use the data to plan where your resources are needed and when they’ll arrive. Truck GPS systems also deter vehicle theft. Knowing where the thief is trying to go can increase the chances that he/she will get caught and better ensure recovery of your assets.

A Happy Customer Is a Returning Customer

The world runs on a clock. Everyone expects business partners to hold up their end of the bargain in a timely fashion. Being able to answer your customers’ questions with accuracy and certainty is a sign of stability, control, and dependability. You may not be able to make your truck get there faster, but you can absolutely keep your customer in the loop.

Reduction in Paperwork

Having less paperwork to keep track of and fill out will improve efficiency in every way. There’s less chance of clerical errors appearing and less time spent digging around for the data you need. Automatically tracking your fleet with GPS systems gives you more time to solve the important problems and reduces the amount of time spent sorting through file cabinets.

Automating your data collection is the biggest plus to using GPS systems. With it, you have all the information you need at your fingertips. Use that data to improve the logistical system you oversee and your company’s overall performance.


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Sam Sims, APR, has been a member of the US Fleet Tracking team since 2009, stepping into the role as full-time Director of Public Relations and Marketing just one year later. Sims’ primary role focuses on helping US Fleet Tracking achieve their objectives by creating and fostering communication between the brand and its target markets.




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