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Add Color to Make Your Warehouse Labels Stand Out and Be More Effective

By Contributing Author | 06/15/2018 | 6:00 AM

By Meegan Johnston, ID Label

It's no surprise to warehouse managers that barcode labels improve tracking, reduce errors, lower costs, aid in inventory management and boost worker productivity. But perhaps you haven't considered what role a label's design and color play in these outcomes.

In fact, in a warehouse environment, the use of color can play a significant role in a label's effectiveness.  

First, the right use of color makes a label stand out so it's easier for workers to see from a distance. In addition, an integrated system of colored barcode labels aids in improving processes for slotting, picking and overall inventory management.

ID Label 1

Colored Warehouse Labels and Multilevel Racking

The true benefits of colored barcode labels are most apparent in warehouses with large, multilevel rack systems.

For many ID Label customers, we design a uniform system of colored barcode labels to mark and identify tiers consistently throughout a warehouse or across a network of distribution centers. For instance, level 1 might be black, level 2 blue, level 3 green and so on.

This is highly effective when it's integrated into your WMS or inventory management software. It helps reduce put and pick errors and improves operational efficiencies.

This approach can be used on both horizontal and vertical warehouse labels.

Multicolor Production Capabilities

Today’s advanced digital inkjet presses can produce multicolor barcode images of astounding quality and durability.

ID Label’s presses feature integrated ultraviolet LED curing, laminating and die-cutting for printing high-quality, extremely durable, sequentially numbered and completely finished barcode labels in a single pass.

Bottom line: You don't have to operate a million-square-foot warehouse to reap the benefits of a colored labeling inventory system.

Meegan JohnstonMeegan Johnston is an ID Label business development manager.



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