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11 content curation tools for your business

By Kate Lee | 05/20/2014 | 4:26 AM

The internet is a fire hose stream of content.  Being able to navigate the deluge of content and identify the content that is valuable to your customers and to your business is essential; it can also be incredibly time consuming. Content curation tools can save time and increase productivity. 

Here are 11 content curation tools that will help you establish your business as a thought-leader and trusted resource.

Bundle Post   

With Bundle Post you connect and control Alerts and RSS feeds based on keywords.  Bundle Post saves the content from your feed channels as a social media post, allowing you to view, edit or delete the content within the channel, all in one place, then merge selected curated content with scheduled posting times you create for each of your social media accounts and networks.  Bundle Post offers a free 30 day trial.  After that subscriptions start at $19.99 per month.



ContentGems monitors more than 200,000 news sites, blogs, and social media accounts.  With ContentGem you can filter content a number of different ways including: custom keywords, sources, and media types.  With ContentGems it is easy to share content via social media (one-click publishing and the ability to schedule posts). Freemium and premium options available.



feedly enables you to organize, read and share the content of your favorite feeds, blogs and news sites.  If you liked Google Reader, feedly fills that gap. Free and premium versions available.



iFlow allows users to discover, create, and curate ‘flows’ on any topic. Flows are topic-based streams that let users stay connected and updated with selected topics. These ‘flows’ may be followed, which results in users being continually updated with content relevant to selected topics. Flows can be set up to include detailed filters to provide for high quality of content curation. iFlow also allows users to create their own private flows. Users may invite others to contribute on their flows or can even keep their flows private. iFlow is free.



Individurls is quite similar to feedly.  One of the strengths of this content curation is how easy it is to use on your mobile phone.  Individurls is free.



Although Netvibes is one of the original content curation tools, it remains a solid (and not outdated) solution.  Netvibes offers a number of ready-made feeds and widgets.  Both freemium and premium versions are available.



Newsle is a great tool to keep you on top of what is happening with people within the industry and within your social network.  It is also a great tool if there are specific writers or journalists whose content you want to keep track of.  With Newsle you identify the people and Newsle sends you an email when those individuals are mentioned in the news.



paper.li enables you to create your own online newspaper based on content you select.  You add various sources and specify filters on these sources and a paper is produced.  You can then add or remove “articles” from the paper.  While paper.li can be used for free, the paid version allows you to brand your newspaper.


Post Planner

Post Planner is a solution for those who are avid Facebook users; PostPlanner is a Facebook app. With PostPlanner you enter in keywords and search for trending content within your niche.  You can then sort this content to view the content with the most likes or shares so you can see the most popular content.  While PostPlanner does offer a free version, to get the most from this tool you will need to upgrade to one of the premium packages.



Scoop.it offers users a great experience and a constant stream of content.  Scoop.it automatically finds and features comment from places like Twitter and Google blogs based on your target keywords and interests. It is also customizable, allowing for additional sources to be added to your stream(s).  In Scoop.it you create boards of content around specific topics and then add content to these boards.  Scoop.it allows for one-click publishing to your blog and social networks.  Scoop.it offers a free trial, after that plans start at $12.99 per month.



Trapit positions itself as a “smart” curation tool, increasing in intelligence and relevance the more you use it. It features more than 100,000 vetted content sources and includes “hidden gems” that have the potential to make your presence stand out. How does it do this?  Trapit uses the same Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Technology from which Siri is derived.  



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About Elizabeth Hines

Elizabeth Hines

Elizabeth is a content strategist with 12+ years of experience in content development, branding, marketing, and communications. As the creative/editorial director at Fronetics, she oversees all efforts related to content and creative assets, including strategy design and brand development.

She has written extensively about supply chain and logistics, and has developed content strategies across a number of verticals, including the B2B space. Prior to joining Fronetics, Elizabeth worked at Boston University, Prospectiv, and Cengage Learning.


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