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Sourcemap: End-to-end supply chain visibility

By Kate Lee | 06/17/2014 | 1:00 AM

Many companies within the logistics and supply chain industries are stuck on the social media starting line.  The reason – “they can’t get past the word ‘social’ and the perception it creates.”  The reality is that social media is a tool that can be utilized to create value and grow your business. 

This is the third in a series of articles that provides examples of companies within the logistics and supply chain industries who have moved beyond the social media starting line and have realized the business value of participating in social media.

In the wake of events such as hurricane Sandy, the Fukushima nuclear, the Bangladesh factory collapse, and the horsemeat scandal, businesses and consumers are increasingly demanding supply chain transparency.

Sourcemap is a social network which provides end-to-end visibility within a supply chain.  Sourcemap offers supply chain mapping, crowdsourced RFIs, risks and alerts, and KPI dashboards.  Launched by researchers at MITs Media Lab, Sourcemap was recently named one of Spend Matters Top 50 companies to watch.

Figure 1: What Sourcemap Offers


Sourcemap connects producers, manufacturers, and consumers for end-to-end visibility. Manufacturers can use Sourcemap to trace products down to raw materials, to manage risk, to and plan more resilient, efficient supply chains. 

Consumers can use Sourcemap to learn where things come from and what they're made of, including their social and environmental impact.

Stonyfield used Sourcemap to create an interactive sourcing map for its yogurt – to show consumers where the ingredients that go into their yogurt comes from. 

Consumers simply click on an ingredient shown on the map (Figure 2) and then are shown information about the specific ingredient (Figure 3).

 Figure 2

Stoneyfield sourcemap

 Figure 3


In the process of creating the map, Stonyfield engaged suppliers and fostered increased communication and stronger relationships.  These relationships, this communication, and the ability for companies (and consumers) to know their supply chain from end-to-end is what Sourcemap wants to provide.

Sourcemap takes social media and makes it a vital supply chain tool.



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