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How to attract great supply chain talent

By Kate Lee | 07/15/2014 | 1:16 AM

If the supply chain industry is going to attract new and qualified talent, it needs a face lift.  The industry needs to be proactive.  It needs to communicate what it is, what is currently happening within the industry, and what is in store for the future.

Who is responsible for making change possible?  You.

Job seekers turn to the Internet for information. Job seekers not only use the internet to search for job openings, they also use the Internet to research industries, companies, and key players.  The information job seekers gather by looking at websites, blog posts, articles, and social media  shape their opinion and knowledge.  According to the 2013 CareerBuilder Candidate Behavior Study 63 percent of job seekers turn to social media to learn about the employment brand of a company.  Specifically, job seekers look to social media to learn about the culture of a company, to learn if the company is a thought leader, and to determine the authenticity of the employment brand.

Job seekers are likely seeing sensational headlines like this recent one from ForbesWanted: 1.4 million new supply chain workers by 2018.  But what do they find when they move forward with their search for information on the supply chain industry and on your company?

The reality is that the supply chain industry has been slow to participate in social media and has been remiss when it comes to blogging.  Even more basic, many companies within the supply chain industry do not recognize the value of their website and have created sites which provide little to no helpful information, are difficult to navigate, and are not up to date.

According to the CareerBuilder Study, 91 percent of candidates believe employment brand plays a role in their decision whether or not to apply.

If your company is going to attract great supply chain talent you need to step up to the plate.  Make changes to your website, create and curate great content, and get active on social media.

Great talent is on the Internet.  If you want to attract great talent you need to be there too.



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