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How to engage B2B buyers with content

By Kate Lee | 08/05/2014 | 2:12 AM

The amount of content on the internet is tremendous – and is growing by the second.  With 93 percent of B2B companies using content marketing, and with more than $16.6 billion dollars being invested annually by B2B companies in digital content publishing – how can your content and your business stand out?

The CMO Council, Content ROI Center, and Netline conducted a survey of 352 senior-level B2B buyers, influencers, and decision makers with the objective of determining content’s role in influencing B2B buyers in the purchase process.  The results of the survey can be used as a guide for creating content that will help you grow your business by driving profitable customer action.

Why do buyers consume content?

Sixty-two percent of B2B buyers turn to content in order to learn about new market developments and industry practices.  Sixty percent turn to content to discover new solutions to address a specific problem.  52 percent look to content to address a project or a program being undertaken by their company.

Why do buyers value content?

Fifty-four percent of B2B buyers report they believe content keeps them current on new techniques.  Forty percent say that it helps identify partners and solution providers.  Thirty-eight percent of B2B buyers believe content provides strategic insights and shapes their purchase specifications.  Thirty-seven percent of B2B buyers report that content educates them about industry issues, problems, and challenges.

Content that will grow your business

Content that will draw customers to your website and to your business is content that educates, informs, and addresses specific needs.

So that your business does not get lost in the clutter, you need to create and curate content that educates consumers about the industry, technology, and new market trends.  Moreover, your content should address the needs and pain points of your target customer.  Therefore, your content should answer questions, provide solutions, and provide strategic insight.

If you consistently create and curate content that B2B buyers find valuable, you will realize results.



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About Elizabeth Hines

Elizabeth Hines

Elizabeth is a content strategist with 12+ years of experience in content development, branding, marketing, and communications. As the creative/editorial director at Fronetics, she oversees all efforts related to content and creative assets, including strategy design and brand development.

She has written extensively about supply chain and logistics, and has developed content strategies across a number of verticals, including the B2B space. Prior to joining Fronetics, Elizabeth worked at Boston University, Prospectiv, and Cengage Learning.


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