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Ayoopa – Addressing customer needs while addressing the logistics challenges for an entrepreneur

By Dr. Robert L. Gordon | 09/19/2016 | 12:28 PM | Categories: Games, Sports, Travel

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I had the opportunity to catch up with Wayne Lopez, the CEO of Ayoopa (www.ayoopa.com). For those that do not know what Ayoopa offers, they are a rental marketplace for outdoor/travel gear.  For example, why purchase expensive camping gear that one might use once a year when one could rent it and have it delivered to your location at a fraction of the cost.  Essentially, Ayoopa will become the go to rental platform when it comes to vacation/outdoor/travel equipment.

When first speaking with Wayne, I found that he had an overarching focus on two important entrepreneurial factors.  First, Wayne was looking to make the best customer experience to grow the reputation and following of Ayoopa.  Second, Wayne has a laser focus on controlling costs.  Both of these are essential for an entrepreneur. 

With regards to customer focus, Ayoopa is always looking to how to improve the experience of the customer.  Ayoopa wants to not only be able to offer a great experience, but Ayoopa also wants to offer the speediest possible service.  Ayoopa is challenged with time because given the current logistics environment; they can offer a competitive price and experience when they have more time.  Everyone knows overnight shipping is expensive, and so the rental experience becomes more complex when there is not a local agent that can fulfill the needs of the customer.

With regards to costs, Ayoopa is challenged with the cost of personalized delivery to the customer.  Finding the right mix of local and non-local delivery is a challenge for any entrepreneur.  After all, if the rental item is available locally, a very competitive price can be given to the customer.  If Ayoopa does not have stock in the area, it makes the cost of inbound and outbound freight more expensive.  In some cases, the cost of freight can become prohibitive because if the product is too far away, the cost of freight could be more than the rental. 

Although Ayoopa is making significant inroads with regards to market share and expanding their customer base, they are moving to expand their footprint into more areas as well as more markets.  Ayoopa is a pioneer in a growing market segment.  One clear sign of success has been that Ayoopa has been growing a following of repeat customers.  Once a person understands the value of the concept, they are more willing to rent in the future from Ayoopa.  Furthermore, they are willing to talk about it on social media and pass along the praises of the company to others. 

Ayoopa is part of a growing trend of entrepreneurial logistics companies that will change the way we shop or rent in the future.   With people looking to downsize their living space, why clutter one’s home with stuff that one does not use that often.  The freedom to rent at will can allow people to experience different outdoor adventures, without a significant financial commitment.  There is no doubt that Ayoopa can offer people a choice and freedom that was not possible before.

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Dr. Robert Lee Gordon

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