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Want to Fuel a Smarter Oil & Gas Supply Chain?

By Tom Pettit | 07/31/2013 | 12:14 PM

Five keys to unlocking supply chain management success.

If you’re in the oil & gas business, the shale revolution presents exciting opportunities – and unique logistics challenges. Rigs must be transported to and from sites. Natural gas must be moved to refineries and to market. Pipes, compressors, pumps, sand and millions of gallons of water must be trucked in. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Managing a natural gas supply chain? Consider these keys to success:

  1. Be able to navigate the terrain: transporting large, unwieldy equipment and materials without an established infrastructure requires:
    - Custom-fit fleets with specialized vehicles
    - Trained personnel, including drivers who can operate specialized vehicles
    - Ability to safely transport large, non-conventional freight
  2. Keep costs under control: consider using a dedicated fleet to minimize equipment investments. A transportation management system can help improve load efficiency, streamline operations and reduce costs.
  3. Get the timing, sequence and scheduling right: when wells sit idle, losses result. Engineer your supply chain for precise timing, sequence and scheduling to reduce/eliminate delays.
  4. Use IT systems & tools to automate manual processes: examples include a Control Tower, transportation management solution and systems/tools that track and coordinate fleet movements/inventory.
  5. Make informed decisions: Capture, analyze and standardize data around quantities, transport times, conditions, capacity and inventories to make smart decisions.

Looking to drive efficiency through every stage of your supply chain? Learn more by reading the full article here.



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