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Looking to boost fuel economy and cut supply chain emissions? Five key facts about the SmartWay program.

By Tom Pettit | 09/30/2013 | 1:07 PM
One of the smartest ways to improve fuel efficiency and shrink your fleet's carbon footprint? The SmartWay® Transport Partnership, an EPA program that reduces transportation emissions by incenting participating companies to improve supply chain fuel efficiency.

Here are five key facts about fuel emissions, efficiency and SmartWay.

1. The Freight Industry's Impact on Emissions
In 2012, the transportation industry generated 22 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, second only to the electricity sector. Freight trucks and trains consume 35 billion gallons of diesel fuel a year, producing more than 350 million metric tons of C02

2. Fuel Emissions: Why They Matter
From a business perspective, more businesses use environmental policies/protocols to screen suppliers, which makes SmartWay a competitive differentiator.

3. The SmartWay Transport Partnership: What it Is
A collaboration between the EPA and freight industry, SmartWay helps partners boost energy efficiency, save money, reduce GHG emissions, and improve air quality.

4. How to become a SmartWay Transport Partner
Currently, five categories of businesses can become SmartWay partners. Call SmartWay at 734.214.4767 or email smartway_transport@epa.gov to get started.

5. What if my business isn't eligible? Are there other options?
You can turn freight activities over to a SmartWay dedicated fleet or third-party logistics provider. By working with a SmartWay partner, you know your goods are transported in an environmentally responsible, fuel-efficient manner.

Could SmartWay help you reduce fuel emissions and improve fuel economy?

Learn more by reading our full post here. Or, read Ryder's Corporate Sustainability Report, now.



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About Tom Pettit

Tom Pettit

Thomas F. Pettit is Ryder Supply Chain Solutions' Senior Vice President and General Manager. In this role, Mr. Pettit is responsible for leading the operations of Ryder's supply chain industry groups, including Automotive & Industrial, Hi-Tech/Electronics, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Retail.

Mr. Pettit brings to Ryder outstanding experience from a 20-year career in operations and supply chain management. Prior to Ryder, Pettit served as Vice President of Global Operations and Supply Chain for Pentair, Ltd. as well as Vice President, Finance and Operational Transformations for ADC Telecommunications, Inc.

Mr. Pettit holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the United States Military Academy at West Point in New York and an MBA in Finance from the University of Hawaii.


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