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Four ways to navigate your way to becoming shipper of choice.

By Tom Pettit | 12/03/2013 | 6:15 AM

With capacity at a premium, carriers are in the driver’s seat.

As much as things change in today’s transportation space, there’s one constant: the growing shortage of capacity and drivers. According to recent TransCore Freight Index data, the available load-to-truck ratios for dry vans, flatbed and temperature-controlled have reached unprecedented proportions.

With capacity at a premium and carriers becoming more selective about whose freight they’ll transport, how do you become a shipper of choice? Here are a few tips ...

What truck-load (TL) carriers look for when transporting full truck loads:

  1. Consistent year-round volume
  2. Favorable origins and destinations
  3. Compensatory fuel program
  4. Flexible, fair contracts
  5. Favorable payment terms

What less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers want when moving partial truck loads:

  1. Compensatory fuel program
  2. Compensation for idle time
  3. Flexible, fair contracts

Becoming a shipper of choice can help you secure more favorable rates …

Whether you’re shipping TL or LTL, becoming a shipper of choice helps you steer clear of paying higher rates in the spot market. The key to being selected is offering consistent volumes, fair compensation for fuel, desirable origins/destinations and flexible contracts.

Meeting all these criteria can be tough if you ship seasonal freight/products. However, you can still offer fair compensation for fuel, a flexible contracting process and pay competitive rates. Together these factors can still help you become a shipper of choice.

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About Tom Pettit

Tom Pettit

Thomas F. Pettit is Ryder Supply Chain Solutions' Senior Vice President and General Manager. In this role, Mr. Pettit is responsible for leading the operations of Ryder's supply chain industry groups, including Automotive & Industrial, Hi-Tech/Electronics, Consumer Packaged Goods, and Retail.

Mr. Pettit brings to Ryder outstanding experience from a 20-year career in operations and supply chain management. Prior to Ryder, Pettit served as Vice President of Global Operations and Supply Chain for Pentair, Ltd. as well as Vice President, Finance and Operational Transformations for ADC Telecommunications, Inc.

Mr. Pettit holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics from the United States Military Academy at West Point in New York and an MBA in Finance from the University of Hawaii.


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