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Now Boarding: The Bedlam Express

By Art van Bodegraven | 05/23/2012 | 1:20 PM

Not everyone remembers that our current word, "bedlam," is based on street pronunciation of the name of a lunatic asylum in London, Our Lady of Bethlehem. The connection came to mind as I considered the plight of people stuck in toxic organizations, or being held hostage in dysfunctional supply chain relationships.

Our daughter has a differnt name for the scenarios involved. "Oh, no," she proclaims. "I am not getting on the bus to Crazy Town. It runs 24/7, and makes no stops, not even for restrooms." She's right. There are no stops, and there is no destination; the bus is Crazy Town, careeening through the back streets of the mind.

The only way off is to jump if this particular Voyage of the Damned slows just a trifle. Tuck and roll, and hope for mere abrasions from gravel at the side of the road.

That's the answer for anyone who needs for the sake of health, mental or otherwise, to find another copporate home, or another supply chain that values silly notions of trust and collaboration.

Jump. It may hurt for a little while, and the scrapes on exposed parts of the body don't look so hot at the beginning of life off the bus. But, pain dissipates and cuts and bruises heal. And, both business and personal life are more worth living as the tail lights of The Bedlam Express fade into the night.

Think about it. And, see if you can wrap yourself in a blanket as you leap into the dark unknown.


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