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Young Love, First Love, Filled With True Devotion . . .

By Art van Bodegraven | 07/10/2012 | 7:03 AM

Probably fewer than three out of a million remember that this was a Ric Cartey creation from 1956 that was not a hit until it was covered.  Vacuous erstwhile blonde idol Tab Hunter struck first, but Country great Sonny James issued the slightly less successful, but definitive version later in the year.  Sonny's version is the one that pops into your ear when you see the phrase any time or any place. 

Over the decades, subsequent cover artists have included: The Crew-Cuts, Frankie Avalon, the mysteriously popular Leslie Gore, bewitching Mary Hopkin on The Beatles' Apple label, the ever-sappy Donny Osmond, mischievous Ray Stevens, and  - most improbably - Celtic Thunder, among an army of others.

Meanwhile, and to the point, the eight-year-old demonstrates an increasingly precocious grasp of the core elements of relationships.  He is extrordinarily sensitive to how people interact, and to how his actions might affect others.  He is also deeply in love - again.

I will change the names to protect the innocent, but (let's call him) The Kid wants to do things right this time.  The object of his limitless affection, "Ripley," is admittedly a looker, and one who must surely possess rare personal qualities.  We thought that his great and good friend, "Jumarah" might be in the running - she is cute, gifted, poised, and artistic, and can play games without rules involving battalions of Army guys as well as any boy.  But it is only "Ripley" for "The Kid" and "The Kid" for "Ripley."

A few weeks ago, "The Kid" announced his intention to tell "Ripley" of his plan to marry her and have a family, "Not right away, but she should know ehere things stand."  In February, Valentines had been exchanged, with every line parsed and taken literally, and deserving of a heartfelt response.  Last week, he composed a love song for "Ripley", and overcoming any shyness or hesitation, performed his liebeslied for iPhone posterity.  (It was a trifle hip-hoppy for my taste, but hey, times and tastes do change.)

Our star-crossed romantic has once again encapsulated much of what is core to successful business relationships in the supply chain into a few simple actions and examples.  They include:

     - Start early.  (Things change over time, and you don't want to not know what to do when that happens.)

     - Focus on the end game. (Have an objective and a plan, and keep your eye on the prize.)

     - Be selective.  (Don't chase every attractive candidate just because.  Understand the difference between a girl friend and a girlfriend.  Realize that not every good supplier is a strategic partner, and that not every customer is a key account.)

     - Communicate often.  (Keep the lines open at all times, and maintain contact and context.)

     - Put whatever effort is required into it.  (This serious relationship stuff is neither free nor easy, and the payoff is worth personal and professional investment.)

     - Take risks.  (You'll never know what the possibilities are without taking the first step.  And, getting outside of your comfort zone is always a worthwhile trip - even if you wind up on YouTube.)

I reaally can't add much to the story.  What we might see as difficult and risky comes naturally to a rising third-grader.  What does that tell us about ourselves, our experiences, and out development at persons and as professionals?  

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