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Alienation Nation

By Art van Bodegraven | 11/04/2015 | 12:20 PM

Entrepreneur recently published a few mission-critical Don'ts for leaders who really do not want to alienate their associates. For the moment, forget the Do's - perhaps, they are the opposite of the Don'ts.

As we hesitantly navigate the roiling waters of supply chain management, transforming ourselves into new-century models and becoming leaders rather than managers (or deputies making sure that no one on the chain gang escapes), we need to be sensitive to how fatal committing the Don'ts can prove to be. Master these issues, and you'll have both time, motivation, and incentive to work on other leadership behaviors.

Don't rely primarily, or worse, solely, on email to communicate. It gets ignored, misinterpreted, or into the wrong hands. Tailor communications, styles, media, and messages to the situation and to the audience(s).

Don't fail to build relationships with employees. You don't have to become BFFs, but you do need to understand what makes them tick.

Don't discourage feedback. Walk the walk of leadership. Have a forum for comfortable exchange. Demand, through behavior and technique (not direct orders), that truth be spoken to power.

Don't defer conflict resolution, not if winning respect has any value to your ambitions for the future. Coach, as needed. Excise, when the toxins must be purged.

Don't be anything but transparent; keep people in the loop and in on the plan - and on teams that can change the status quo, and the future. This is more important than pay and perks in establishing yourself as a leader - and keeping your best talent.

Are you noticing how different recommendations from different sources tend to converge on a few common core principles? Becoming a better supply chain leader relies on internalizing, keeping front of mind, and acting on the new models that can create new generation success.



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Art van Bodegraven

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