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Ruckus At Toad Hall

By Art van Bodegraven | 11/15/2015 | 4:46 AM

Kenneth Grahame's classic, The Wind In The Willows, very nearly crashes and burns when the amiable, aimless, and wealthy - and imprisoned - Toad's manor is taken over by gangs of weasels and stoats. The unprincipled squatters looked out only for their own interests, and partied hearty all the livelong day.

Politicians of this later age may wonder how it is that they are held in such low esteem. I'll note that they are, with a few exceptions, weasels who occupy our nation's manor houses. They party, irrespective of party affiliation; they look out for their own interests. None of them can seem to do much but natter on about desperate needs to rebuild the national physical infrastructure (including pipelines).

While they are willing, in the aggregate, to spend the people's money (tax revenue) on almost anything that makes little sense, they refuse to invest in actually useful programs that could save lives, and more with each passing year.

November is Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Month. The 10th is World Pancreatic Cancer Day. Pancreatic cancer is the #10 cancer diagnosis in the US, and the #4 cancer killer; it is projected to become the #2 killer within a very few years. Things could get worse; it is linked to Type 2 diabetes, now approaching epidemic status.

The stereotypical anecdotes center around diagnosis, followed by death in a couple of months, and diagnosis, ending in death following grueling treatment in a couple of years.  But, the weasels in Washington refuse, year after year, to fund pancreatic cancer research the way they do breast, lung, colon, prostate, skin and other cancers. Why?

Too few votes involved. Virtually no survivors to march in parades. Too few grieving widows and tearful children to make up a power bloc. It took an uprising of sober, moral citizens (Mole, Badger, Rat) to take action while the weasels were drunk with power, among, one supposes, other things, to clean up and clear out Toad Hall.

I'm one, rare, conqueror and survivor. My small family and I are ready. Let's take care of business.  I get that we are supposed to play nice when entreating our entrenched political class for a little relief, but that is getting us where, exactly?

Weasels.  Take back Toad Hall!


Note: Wednesday's post was bizarrely out of sequence.  This was completely totally my error, cursed with fat thumbs and confused thinking.  The content remains valid, however, and appropriate when we stumble into the early morning hours of 2016.



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