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Tim Kight Comes To SCM

By Art van Bodegraven | 11/18/2015 | 2:26 PM

Who? What? A secret weapon in collegiate athletics?

In the past year, teams at The Ohio State University have won four national titles: football, wrestling, pistol, and rowing. A common denonimator? Tim Kight.

Tim Kight is a psychologist. His shtick? E + R = O. Those teams that buy in prove two things. One is that the singer might be more important than the song. That is, acceptance of the message is no sure thing without a marvelously effective messenger. Another is that those who accept, adopt, and embrace the message can play with greatness.

The equation is simple enough. Events plus one's Reactions equal the Outcome. Events happen. You cannot predict or control them.

The only thing you can control is the Reaction, how you handle the events. And that is what generates an Outcome - how you handle events.

OK, the core concept has been around for a long time, maybe well over sixty years. Kight just may be an extraordinary singer of the song. It's hard to argue with four national championships for the Ohio State adherents, especially in the face of so-so results from non-believers.

Hey, it works for us in SCM, too. We cannot control or predict random events. The only thing positive we can do is react within our capabilities - planning, containing, learning from, plugging the gaps, and using the challenge for motivation. How well we do those will create the best possible Outcomes.

Whether we are accomplishing the impossible in on-time and complete shipments, overcoming supplier bankruptcy, or managing transition to a new 3PL, we have the power to create best possible outcomes - by dealing with what to do versus what happened.

We can define and win our own national championships.



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