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Have Pole; Will Dance For You

By Art van Bodegraven | 01/13/2016 | 7:26 AM

Yeah, and your Mama named you Madison at birth, I'll bet. 

That I could use a little auditory amplification was recently brought home to me when I was startled to hear a weight loss physician recommend lap dances as a remedy for obesity.  Being only moderately overweight, I was apparently not eligible for this obviously radical and experimental breakthrough.  Nor for anything else that Madison might  think would help with the avoirdupois.

Fortuitously, Robert Mondavi was on hand to see me through the ensuing severe depression.  Only later did I learn that the good medico had said "lap band surgery", which plunged me into an even deeper blue funk.

When you have completed pointing at me and snickering, consider how often you have misinterpreted an instruction, or a desire, from a superior.  Or how many times a subordinate has mysteriously misunderstood what you thought was a clear imperative for action.  Almost every business communication merits: 1) feedback from the recipient indicating understanding (or not), and 2) a test by you to validate that the interpretation has been, in fact, on-target.

Expecting a lap dance and receiving an incision is only one set of mismatches that can derail careers, or worse.

btw, my brand-new, high-tech, Blutooth-enabled, iPhone app-controlled hearing aids have cleared up several mysteries, and avoided a couple of deal-breaking mis-translations.  It turns out that Madison was not calling me "honey", but was asking if I had any money.  Live and learn . . .



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Art van Bodegraven

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