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Ryan Lochte, Al Roker, and You

By Art van Bodegraven | 08/28/2016 | 6:48 AM

Facebook is abuzz with trending coverage of the Today show's contretemps that has the real (i.e., white) on-air team with its collective undergarments all bunched up.  Not a pretty sight, and accompanied by most unattractive whining and hand-wringing.

It seems that the Cheerleader, the Harasser-in-Chief, and sundry minions harboring illusions of power have been sorely embarrassed by weatherman and utility infielder Al Roker's response to weak excuses for Ryan Lochte's inexcusable excuses for grossly immature behavior at the Rio Olympics.  

A weak-kneed apologist appearing on Today fell short of canonizing Lochte, but not by much.  Weasel words on the order of mis-spoke, erred, youthful high-jinks, and the like were employed to characterize drunken public urination, buying one's way out of trouble, making up an outrageously untrue scenario that defamed an already-criticized nation, and, when pressed, sticking with the patently untrue fairy tale.

Roker had had enough, and called out the lie for what it clearly was - a blatant lie.  For this, he was castigated by his "superiors", co-hosts, stars, and executives - and lauded by the real people who watched the episode, and suffer from a combination of good sense and sound values.

Sad to say, we have occasional opportunities of a similar nature in our working lives. There will be moments in which a boss would much rather not hear truth, and for sure doesn't want his or her boss to hear it.

That's your test.  Risk their wrath now, possibly at some personal cost and loss, and hope to either escape or live long enough to be proven right. Or, take comfort that your example will at minimum be admired by others, and might even lead them to make a courageous call in a tough situation.  

Everyone needs role models.  You can be one that stands up and calls out what needs attention when the heat is on - and transforms how others handle what everyone wishes was someone else's job.




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