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Strong Hand; Short Leash

By Art van Bodegraven | 08/07/2016 | 2:01 PM

We walk the pooch who secretly runs the operations here at Blog Central every day that weather encourages getting up and about. She, rendered dizzy by the sensory assault of the smells of other canines, small woodland creatures, and odd bits of leaves and papers, would like to drag us into small creeks and tripping over decaying logs. But stern admonitions and a two foot leash and halter contraption keeps matters in hand.

The surgeon primarily responsible for my continued ability to rouse the rabble with aggravating, annoying, and often wrong-headed blogs and columns played much the same role for a time in my life. Strong, sure hands were essential, and his admonitions put me on the right track as I celebrated victory over the beast intent on wrecking my pancreas and invading innocent parts of my frail corpus.

Mijn vrouw continues his mission, in that she works like a demon to keep me on a good path, eating the right stuff, eschewing the wrong foods (and beverages), staying active, thinking logically, and staying organized. I'd be long-gone without that short leash and strong hand to make the good doctor's handiwork a lasting effort.

How about you? Is there someone who keeps your personal life on track? Have you found and cultivated a trusted advisor at work? We all need someone who can tell us when we are full of it, when we are mistaken, when we need to behave differently, when we need to pick up, or hone, specific skills.

Without that gentle but firm hand applied before things get out of control, we run very real risks of failing to be all we can be. Of being the best we can be. Of taking career-limiting detours.

Now, go find that mentor. Not a yes-man, but someone who has no hesitation to get in your grille with hard truths.

Do it now!



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