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Restless Mind Syndrome

By Art van Bodegraven | 11/30/2016 | 6:22 AM

No, it's not the same as Restless Leg Syndrome, but it will keep you up at night. Restless Mind Syndrome (RMS) might reflect that technology, flashing lights, multi-tasking, and apocalyptic visions do give many of us the attention span of a four-year old with an over-imaginative bladder.

The condition is not quite the same as manifestations of ADHD, and Ritalin and Adderall are not efficaceous in its treatment - although Adderall could have some useful properties in other spheres.

RMS will lead to excessive and random blogging, as but one example, often taking the sufferer off the defined trails into uncharted swamps of musing. It's not always easy to keep up, with mental and emotional zigs and zags jumping unexpectedly and in unforeseen directions. The emerging supply chain leader may benefit from having many RMS irons in the fire.

This is good, unless and until there are too many irons too hot to handle. Then, the benefits begin to dilute, sapping the value of the original creativity. Our challenge may be one of knowing when to rein in the flight of ideas that feed the syndrome, saving energy and focus for the critical few, and bringing out the next surprise package when the first has been emptied and exploited.

So, find your balance in the eddying waters of the RMS tide of possibilities, and become a star by limiting your brightness to last for the long haul. Shooting stars are impressive, but are gone in a brief moment in the night.



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About Art van Bodegraven

Art van Bodegraven

Art van Bodegraven (1939 - 2017) was Managing Principal of the van Bodegraven Associates consultancy and Founding Principal of Discovery Executive Services, which develops and delivers supply chain educational programs. He was formerly Chair of the Supply Chain Group AG, Partner at The Progress Group LLC, Development Executive at CSCMP, Practice Leader with S4 Consulting, and a Managing Director in Coopers & Lybrand's consulting practice. Concentrating in supply chain management and logistics for over 20 years in his 50+ year business career, he has led ground-breaking strategic, operational, and educational projects for leading US and global clients. Art was principal co-author of DC Velocity's Basic Training monthly column for a decade, and was the principal co-author, with Ken Ackerman, of Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management, the definitive primer in the field. His popular blog, The Art of Art, has been a staple of DC Velocity's web site since its inception.


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