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The Whole Fam Damily

By Art van Bodegraven | 05/19/2017 | 7:47 AM

I am aware that familial references in my personal blogosphere can be confusing.  Hence, a cast listing follows to outline the immediate nuclear cohort.  It's not complicated; there aren't enough of us to be truly mind-boggling.

The Washington State branch has been decimated by the loss of the sole male cousin.  His son is, I think, somewhere in Texas.  The Tucson clan has disappeared, with the only male survivor's state unknown, possibly deceased.  Sad, in many dimensions - connected by fortuitous accident, headed by a renowned music educator, who, with his wife, perished in a house fire.A brother, with one son, is in suburban Chicago, and is recovering from a triple bypass and valve replacement.  A couple of my already departed brother's children (all female) have preserved, for the moment, the family surname.

The woods are full of shirt-tale second somethings thrice removed; none bear the family name, and are completely unconnected with the rest of us.

The van Bodegraven name is quite rare in the US; it has a few adherents in other lands.  In the Mother Country, the name is not common, but is far from rare.  Originally it indicated being from the city or town of Bodegraven, but that distinction has been  inoperative for countless generations.  Our immediate family emigrated from North Holland.

Bodegraven itself is a large town or small city of some limited charms, located  south of Amsterdam, and some eight or nine kilometers outside of Gouda.  A cheese market of some import in local history, one imagines that selling a so-named cheese would pose a marketing nightmare.

Our immediate gang all live in or near Columbus, Ohio, although some have enjoyed stops in Detroit, Miami, Mexico City, and Kalamazoo..

Son David is an ambitious, engaged, organized leader who has devoted himself to serving others, improving service processes, and leveraging subordinates to elevate service and satisfaction.  His partner, Nurse Andrew, is a brilliant and comitted psychiatric health care service provider.  Both are active in combating substance abuse and aiding those afficted.  Their companions are Libby, a rescue, and OB, a family favorite.

Son Jonathan is a human dynamo, a sourcing and procurement maven for leading major corporations in a variety of industry verticals.  His wife, a Colombiana native now a passionate US citizen, brought one son into the marriage (Nicolas Alarcon Contreras), and together they are the parents of Los Colombianos, (Donovan Mateo and Aiden Gabriel, ages 10 and 8), who are extremely bright and engaged.

Daughter Elizabeth (Fierce Betty) is a gifted and high-motor executive in the supply chain world; she has retained the family name.  Her significant other, Tom  Daniels (Uncle Slick, The Engineer)  is an amazingly talented installer, fixer, maintainer, redesigner who routinely creates production facilities that produce more than they are conventionally capable of, with associates who are untrained and ill-prepared to do so.  He is also a master of smoking and grilling, with exotic meats a specialty.  They have a purebred bulldog, Toro, who, missing several teeth and critical reproductive equipment, still harbors delusions of seductive capabilities.

Daughter Julie (uber-Mom) works from home, in addition to doing all the cooking, cleaning, chauffering, scheduling, and other traditional Mom tasks.  She is currently beefing up the content and processes used in a fabulously successful life coaching corporation.  Husband Steve owns a cleaning and restoration operation in support of mitigating fire and water damage for insurance companies.  They are the parents of Ryan (The Kid), Jessica (La Diva) and Dillon Sheehy, a recent Florida State graduate.  Their rescue, Baby, is fiercely protective.

Phyllis, mijn vrouw, is the rock that gives all of us a place to hang on to, and the glue that integrates the activities of kids and grandkids - and keeps me from driving off the metaphorical edsge of life's cliff.  Superbly talented in many dimensions, she is both trained and intuitive in health care diagnosis and care, a fearless cook, and a marvel of organization and logical approaches to life.

A family member without a surname is Penny, our rescue Cardigan Corgi mix with a mind of her own.

 A minor player of limited capacity or interest is uber-Mom's first husband, who has a different - Irish - family name and is responsible for a terrific grandson as well as for spectacular misadventures.  The grandson's significant other is the gorgeous, talented, creative, clever, and sensible Mari, and they are momentarily within Austin City Limits.  No help on perpeuating the name, but great young people nevertheless.

So, that's it.  These are the van Bodegravens, all of them.  We could hold a family reunion in a van or camper.  And, they all populate the art of Art blog.



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Art van Bodegraven

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