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March Of The Zombies; Robot Invasion

By Art van Bodegraven | 11/03/2017 | 2:12 PM

Please enjoy the thoughts and musings of our friend, supporter, and long-time contributor Art van Bodegraven Jr., who passed away on June 18, 2017. Art was a prolific writer and had amassed a collection of unpublished blog posts he had planned to run well into the future. To honor his memory, we will continue to post these remaining blogs as he had intended. If you’ve been a fan of The Art of Art blog, check out our tribute.


I've been ranting about job loss to technology for several years, now.  

When automation pervades, with a constant influx of technology application, there'll be no low-end jobs left.  It'll take a special skill set of technology tools to build, assemble, install, repair, and tweak technology that we can only begin to dream of, i.e., drones, conveyors, AS/RS systems, etc.

Now that robots are all over the supply chain, the data are beginning to come more clear.

The impact of robots is now measured in robots per thousand jobs.  Think about that in the context of the total number of robots in supply chain management and manufacturing.

Where robots are installed, employees are nearly only half of the previous number.

Cheering up the CFO, labor cost likewise moves from .50 to .25.

So, how is the installation of robots affecting your supply chain?



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