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Deploying Intuitive Technologies to Train the Next Generation Workforce

By Jeff Schmitz | 06/03/2019 | 9:10 AM

With summer quickly approaching and millions of new college graduates entering the job market, companies have the opportunity to recruit the next generation of employees. Training plays a pivotal role in onboarding these new hires to set them up for positive performance and long-term success.

U.S. companies spent an astounding $70 billion+ last year on learning and development. Today, many enterprises are exploring new strategies to train employees at a lower cost. With digital transformation, new technologies offer companies fresh ways to train their new talent.

Because Millennials and Generation Z are “digital natives,” they can easily adapt to new technologies. Better yet, many newer handheld devices and interfaces mimic the look and feel of technologies used outside the workplace, like their smartphones, making adoption more seamless.

One example is Zebra Technologies’ MC9300 Android enterprise mobile computer. Ideal for inventory management, receiving/put-away and much more in warehouses, manufacturing, logistics and back-of-store retail environments, this device was specifically designed to be highly intuitive for ease of use. Zebra’s proprietary Mobility DNA suite of end-user applications, application development tools and utilities transform this Android device into a worker productivity tool that reduces training and adoption time.

New technologies help streamline common pain points like training and day-to-day tasks for recent college graduates and other front-line workers. Deploying intuitive devices, operating systems and platforms allows employees of all ages and even those who are less tech-savvy to feel comfortable with learning new processes or skills. The more enterprises invest in training employees with new technology, the more streamlined the onboarding process will be in the future.

Whether in a busy warehouse or an active back-of-store area, spending hours or even days training new hires can be prevented using the right technology. Companies that embrace new tools will help ensure their employees are more productive in the long term.

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About Jeff Schmitz

Jeff Schmitz

Jeff Schmitz is senior vice president and chief marketing officer at Zebra. Mr. Schmitz most recently served as executive vice president for multiple business units and sales at Spirent Communications where he had previously also held several senior leadership roles including chief marketing officer and vice president of networks & applications. Prior to joining Spirent, Mr. Schmitz held senior marketing positions at Rivulet Communications, Visual Networks and Tellabs Inc. Mr. Schmitz holds a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from Marquette University and a Master of Science degree in computer science from the Illinois Institute of Technology.


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