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By Mark Solomon | 08/26/2015 | 10:06 AM

Welcome to “Chain Links,” a weekly look at what our editorial team has come across in the week just passed. Chain Links is a compilation of news articles, announcements, and story lines we hope you’ll find interesting, informative, and entertaining.

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Robot Hands With a Human Touch

MIT’s Center for Transportation & Logistics has published a blog post about what it takes for robotic hands to perform similarly to their human counterparts.

Source: MIT


Companies find profits with cloud-based software

Small businesses that use cloud-based software make more money than those that are not in the cloud, according to new research from Waltham, Mass.-based Exact Business Software and technology research firm Pb7 Research. (Registration required.)

Source: Exact Business Solutions, Pb7 Research


Norwegian Truck-Body Manufacturer Offers RFID-enabled Trailers

One of Bussbygg's customers uses two RFID-enabled refrigerated trailers in an ongoing trial and finds the technology shortens the delivery of goods by 30 minutes per stop, while at the same time reducing the risk of errors.

Source: RFID Journal


Logistics giant UPS bans shark fin shipments amid pressure from conservationists

United Parcel Service (UPS) has announced a ban on shipments of shark fin amid worldwide pressure from conservationists.

Source: South China Morning Post


Tracking the Illegal Tusk Trade

A National Geographic infographic charts a supply chain from raw material to finished goods, and from origin market to final consumer. It shows modal changes, consolidation and distribution nodes, and rising costs and added value as the product nears the end consumer. Only this example involves child soldiers, black markets, and the massacre of the world’s largest land mammal.

Source: National Geographic


Logistics: A 5,000-year story

An interesting timeline from DHL on the history of a very old profession

Source: DHL


Google Funds University Living Lab for Internet of Things

Carnegie Mellon University’s campus could soon transform into a living laboratory for testing how Internet-connected sensors, gadgets, and buildings might change our daily lives. Google has awarded half a million dollars to Carnegie Mellon and a broader university coalition to develop the technologies needed to make that vision a reality.

 Source: IEEE Spectrum


New 3D Printer Turns Shipping Containers into Large 3D Printers, Shredders & Extruders

While some have been spending thousands of dollars to create large gantry based 3D printers, one engineer has come up with plans to use large shipping containers as the machines’ frame and body. 

Source: Advanced Manufacturing Insight



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