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Chain Links: What we’re reading (and watching) this week

By Mark Solomon | 09/30/2015 | 11:15 AM | Categories: Current Affairs

Does your firm need a supply chain czar (yes!). Echo Global Logistics’ CIO looks to build a killer logistics app.  And holiday shoppers want more shopping and shipping options (Surprise!)


Why your company needs a chief supply chain officer

The success of behemoths like Apple has as much to do with their savvy management of far flung factories as with design or marketing, and some companies are thriving thanks primarily to behind-the-scenes finesse. This has put more and heavier responsibilities in the hands of once-lowly buyers, leading to what one report called “The Rise of the Chief Supply Chain Officer.”

Source: Fortune.com


CIO seeks to build the ‘killer app’ for logistics

Echo Global Logistics’ new CIO, Tim Kutz, is directing the company’s 110 IT staff to build the “killer app.” That means refactoring the company’s proprietary transportation system so that it can adapt to new business models or respond to dynamic market changes.

Source: CIO.com


How to Turn 176,000 Tons of Sunken Concrete Into an Underwater Highway

Before you can build a new roadway, you've got to grade the gravel bed that will serve as its foundation to within a one-inch margin of error. But that standard operating procedure gets a bit trickier when you try to do the entire thing 95 feet underwater. 

Source: PopularMechanics.com


Cleaning Up the Supply Chain 

The Environmental Defense fund is working with companies to clean up consumer products supply chains. Three key areas currently being the center of their efforts are deforestation, fertilizer pollution and hazardous chemicals. 

Source: EDF


Survey: shoppers want more holiday shopping and shipping options

Most Americans plan to shop both in stores (94 percent) and online (92 percent) this holiday season, with 94 percent of consumers planning to shop from a computer and 49 percent making purchases from a mobile device, according to the 2015 Holiday Shipping Survey from Pitney Bowes.

Source: Pitney Bowes


Startup generates instant freight price quotes

A logistics technology company called Freightos Ltd. has landed $14 million in venture funding to help launch a service that replaces basic Excel and
 PDF files with automated, online price quotes for freight forwarders.

Source: Dow Jones


FDA-Regulated Goods Imported from Tianjin to Require Extra Documentation

The Food and Drug Administration announced that it will require additional documentation for entries of FDA-regulated goods that originated from, were stored in, or transited through the Binhai New Area industrial center in Tianjin, China. Human and animal food products, human and animal drug products, and medical devices that left the Tianjin area on or after Aug. 12—the date of a huge explosion at a hazardous chemical container storage and distribution center—will require additional information to enable the FDA to make an admissibility decision. The article explains which documents will be required in specific circumstances.

Source: Sandler, Travis & Rosenberg Trade Report 



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