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Chain Links: What we're reading this week

By Mark Solomon | 01/13/2016 | 6:37 AM


Inventory tracking is key to boosting warehouse productivity. Big data gains in supply chain prominence. And a rocky road for online fulfillment.


Why Inventory Tracking is Foundation of Boosting Warehouse Productivity

An operation that relies on dated methods or, even worse, the memory of workers to locate inventory is wasting time and money. If you spend time chasing inventory the productivity of your operation automatically suffers.

Source: Totaltrax, Inc.


Big Data: The Latest Rage in Supply Chain Management

Early uses of big data were concentrated in two areas: customer segmentation/marketing effectiveness, and financial services, particularly trading. Recently, supply chain has become the “next big thing."

Source: CFO


Autonomous Mobile Robots in the Warehouse TODAY?

Clint Reiser of the ARC Advisory Group provides an excellent round-up of autonomous mobile robots that are currently available for the warehouse. They include offerings from established providers such as KNAPP and Swisslog as well as startups like Locus Robotics System and GreyOrange Butler.

Source: Logistics Viewpoints


Webcam captures trucks hitting low bridge

Driving a truck is harder than it looks, and a popular website proves this point with video footage of a seemingly endless number of trucks scraping their roofs beneath an 11-foot, 8-inch high railroad trestle bridge in Durham, N.C. Rental boxtrucks with inexperienced drivers are the most common victims, leaving plenty of paint on a sacrificial crash beam installed to protect the bridge structure from frequent impacts.

Source: 11 Foot 8.


Online shoppers see rising snags with “click and collect” model

Shoppers continued to drive revenue to online retailers’ sites in the 2015 holiday season despite reports of increasing problems with fulfillment, according to a survey of British consumers done by YouGov for JDA Software Group Inc. and Centiro Group AB. Negative impacts included: lack of a dedicated pickup area in-store, long waiting times, and staff being unable to locate items in-store.

Source: JDA Software Group Inc.


Seven in 10 online shoppers abandon carts before buying

Online sales soared to $340b billion in 2015, but the amount could have been even higher if a whopping 69 percent of online shopping carts had not been abandoned before checkout, according to a study from the Baymard Institute. The firm calculated an average of 32 studies on e-commerce shopping trends to arrive at the figure.

Source: Baymard Institute


Bar-Code Readers Get Makeover to Spur Bustling Warehouses

New versions aim to use better ergonomics to speed up assembly, packing and shipping of online orders

Source: Wall Street Journal


What’s your Strategy for Supply Chain Disclosure?

Thanks to social media and an increasing flood of data, the capacity to generate causes and controversies almost instantly has become the new norm in today’s “super-transparent society.” Most business leaders have not yet come to grips with the new reality — and what it means for their organizations.

Source: MIT Sloan Management Review



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